NeoAsia Medical Aesthetics Group

NeoAsia Ltd. is Taiwan’s largest medical aesthetics group. Established in 1993, the company initially devoted itself to acting as a sales agent for cosmeceutical products and medical aesthetics equipment such as laser, light-based, radiofrequency and ultrasound devices. In 2009, NeoAsia established its enterprise headquarters in the Neihu District of Taipei. At the same time, the company dramatically expanded the scope of its operations to include a medical aesthetics clinic, a convention center, and the Asia-Pacific medical aesthetics training center. With almost twenty years of experience in Taiwan’s cosmeceutical market, NeoAsia has developed both highly professional knowledge and in-depth understanding of all aspects of the industry, whether in dermatology, product formulation, distribution channels, or the cosmeceutical market. As a result, NeoAsia has also established a Biotechnology Research and Development Center and a cosmetics manufactory with GMP authentication, both at its enterprise headquarters. From its beginning as sales agent for skincare products, NeoAsia has further incorporated R&D, production, and original design manufacturing into its business. In recent years, the company has made a successful entry into the biomedical field by working to promote the application of Autologous Growth Factor technology. With the integration of its cosmetic surgery clinic and medical aesthetics convention center, NeoAsia boasts the highest teaching standards and broadest operational scope, and now performs as the consistent leader of Taiwan’s medical aesthetics market.

NeoAsia Biotechnology Research and Development Center
NeoAsia’s Biotechnology Research and Development Center combines the disciplines of biotechnology and dermatology. As well as being engaged in ingredient analysis and formultion, the Center has also won authorization to use ingredients and formulas from overseas laboratories, and has subsequently proceeded to manufacture products suitable for both foreign and Taiwanese markets. In addition, through technological cooperation with domestic and overseas biotechnology companies, the Center has also succeeded in developing innovative formulas and undertaken clinical trials to guarantee the effectiveness of its products.

While continuing its efforts in product R&D, NeoAsia has worked especially hard in developing applications for Autologous Growth Factor technology. Having successfully improved the technology for preservation and trans-dermal delivery of growth factors, NeoAsia went on to develop AGF Lypholized Powder and BTD (BioTransDermal) Technology, an integrated pair of clinically efficacious anti-aging formulas. This latest technology represents a comprehensive breakthrough, both in terms of ingredient effectiveness and rates of absorption into the skin.

NeoAsia’s cosmetics manufactory with GMP authentication
NeoAsia’s cosmetics manufactory has implemented the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) system and has been authenticated by the Department of Health, Executive Yuan, R.O.C. (Taiwan). It currently acts as the original design manufacturer for NEO-TEC and UNITEC, two American brands represented by NeoAsia, as well as for numerous dermatologists’ own brands. Among its products, the most representative and renowned are the Pure Swiftlet Nest Extract product line, the L-form Vitamin C product line, the growth factor product line, and a series of sun care products. Recently, NeoAsia’s cosmetics manufactory has devoted itself to the manufacturing of AGF Lypholized Powder and BioTransDermal Technology, in order to supply the demand from clinics for these clinically efficacious AGF anti-aging formulas.

In the near future, NeoAsia’s cosmetics manufactory will not only provide high quality products to meet the needs of Taiwan’s cosmeceutical market, but also plans to export globally, to the cosmeceutical markets of Mainland China, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

The Elite Aesthetic Clinic—Taiwan’s flagship medical aesthetics clinic
Occupying 2000 square meters, the Elite Aesthetic Clinic takes up the entire second floor of NeoAsia’s enterprise headquarters. Equipped with different kinds of advanced laser, light-based, radiofrequency and ultrasound devices, the Clinic provides a comprehensive set of treatments, including:

• Advanced body-sculpting treatments such as Breast Augmentation  with Stem Cell-assisted Autologous Lipotransfer, SmartLipo Laser  Lipolysis, and Accent Ultrasound and Radiofrequency Non-Invasive  Lipolysis,

• Light, radiofrequency, and laser treatments such as skin tightening  and lifting, skin pigmentation treatment, wrinkle and acne scar  removal, pain-free hair removal, fractional skin rejuvenation, Neograft  Automated Hair Transplant and Revage Laser Hair Rejuvenation;

• Cosmetic injection treatments such as Botox, Platelet Rich Plasma  Rejuvination Injections, and Hyaluronic Acid dermal filler implant;

• Medical aesthetics skincare treatments such as NeoStrata Glycolic  Acid Skin Renewal Peels, DiamondTome™ Microdermabrasion, and  Acthyderm Electroporation Transdermal Delivery.

The Elite Aesthetic Clinic possesses a hospital-grade operating room where plastic surgery is carried out. Most importantly, the Clinic has a strong professional team of highly-skilled plastic surgeons and dermatologists, and nurses who provide considerate service in order to fully satisfy the wishes of our patients.

The Clinic also provides medical aesthetics-related training and workshops. Its laser treatment room and operating room are installed with advanced conferencing facilities, which connect to the NeoAsia Convention Center, so that trainees can see live demonstrations broadcast from the operating table. Together, the Elite Aesthetic Center and Convention Center create an outstanding medical aesthetics educational environment. With the capacity to host gatherings of up to 200 attendees, it is the Asia-Pacific region’s biggest medical aesthetics training center.

NeoAsia Medical Aesthetics Convention Center and Asia-Pacific Medical Aesthetics Training Center
As Taiwan’s biggest medical aesthetics group, for many years NeoAsia has striven to introduce the most advanced medical aesthetics technology to Taiwan. Simultaneously, in order to cultivate physicians and other medical aesthetics professionals, NeoAsia has organized intensive, large-scale educational seminars and training courses. Seeking to improve Taiwan’s medical aesthetics educational environment, NeoAsia has installed a convention center on the first floor of its enterprise headquarters. This initiative has greatly enhanced the company’s ability to promote Taiwan’s medical aesthetics technology and training overseas, and has established NeoAsia as the Asia-Pacific region’s largest medical aesthetics training center.

Containing a large conference hall which can be partitioned into four rooms, the world-class NeoAsia Convention Center can hold up to 200 people. Each room is equipped with 360-degree cameras, large projector screens, and an audio-visual recording and broadcasting system. These audio-visual conferencing facilities, which enable a live broadcast to be sent from the Elite Aesthetic Clinic’s laser treatment room and operating room, allow synchronized two-way interaction between trainers and trainees, for enhanced learning efficiency and exchange.

NeoAsia: acting sales agent for cosmeceutical products and medical aesthetics equipment
NeoAsia acts as agent for many famous brands of cosmeceutical products in Taiwan, including the NEO-TEC L-form Vitamin C and Growth Factor product lines, now sold in 900 hospitals and clinics and 500 pharmacies; the UNITEC Swiftlet Nest Extract product line, now sold in 400 cosmetics and health chain stores, 500 supermarkets and 100 hypermarkets; and EXU products, now sold in 450 beauty salons. NeoAsia also acts as agent for the leading AHA brands, America’s NeoStrata and Exuviance. In the field of medical aesthetics equipment, NeoAsia possesses the agency rights of several renowned European and American brands, such as Italy’s DEKA Laser company, whose SmartLipo laser lipolysis equipment NeoAsia has successfully brought to the markets of Taiwan and Mainland China.

NeoAsia has combined its Biotechnology Research and Development Center, GMP manufactory, cosmetic surgery clinic, Medical Aesthetics Convention Center and Asia-Pacific Medical Aesthetics Training Center to build a comprehensive medical aesthetics platform, including sales and marketing, R&D and manufacturing, and training and education. With this strong foundation, NeoAsia stands to accelerate both the advancement of professional skills and the overall development of the cross-strait medical aesthetics industry.